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Tile leveling manufacturer in iran

Overall, there is no doubt that tile leveling manufacturer in Iran has been serving the construction industry with its quality and innovation in tile leveling and cross tile products.

As more and more people recognize the revolutionary approach of tile leveling, more manufacturers and suppliers pop up. Not only will this help expedite construction projects, but it will also result in consistent and uniform results with each tile installation.

So why not consider Iran tile leveling manufacturer when thinking about your next tile project? With their advanced manufacturing techniques and high-quality materials, you are sure to get the results you desire and deserve

? What is tile leveling system

Aligning tiles is one of the ceramic installation equipments, which consists of two separate parts and pieces called aligning clips and aligning wedges. The clip or female is produced in white color from new materials, and the male or male is produced in red or black color.

When installing the tile, the tile leveling clip, by placing it between the tiles and ceramics and being locked by the tile leveling wedge, causes the complete and accurate leveling of the adjacent tiles and ceramics, and there is no need for multiple blows of the rubber hammer and It is not necessary to use a leveler, of course, provided that the bottom surface has been prepared in advance. It is much easier to use the ceramic method compared to the traditional and grouting methods, and it also increases the speed of the work process.